Retirement Planning

We work with you to develop a comprehensive retirement plan that incorporates all aspects of your personal financial life to give you the best possible chance of achieving your goals in retirement.

As you approach retirement, we shift your portfolio from primarily growth-focused to primarily income-focused. Once you’ve retired, we implement a lower-risk income strategy to cover your monthly expenses. We also conduct a thorough review of your Social Security benefits, taking into account your marital status, life expectancy, monthly income requirements, retirement goals and more. This allows us to optimize your Social Security payments and supplement your monthly income.

Investment Planning

We develop a customized portfolio to focus on your specific investment goals. Your diversified portfolio accounts for your current financial situation, income needs in retirement, investment time horizon, risk tolerance and more. It is continuously monitored and adjusted as your life and financial situation evolve over time.

When making investment decisions, we evaluate thousands of mutual funds, stocks and ETFs to identify an investment allocation that meets your specific needs and retirement objectives. We utilize a diverse portfolio with low investment costs and a high level of personalized service and focused attention.

Insurance Planning

Insurance is a vital, yet often overlooked, piece of the retirement puzzle. Healthcare and long-term care costs have the potential to quickly devour your retirement savings. That is why we incorporate insurance solutions as part of your overall retirement plan. We will help you determine the most appropriate policies to meet your needs and protect your wealth.